Enjoy the Artwork We Created Together

The raw images we captured during your session will be professionally edited, with retouching techniques used to highlight your best features and minimize distractions. Then, at your ordering appointment, your Pattersnap team will reveal to you the beautiful artwork we created together - heirloom pieces that you will fall in love with and be delighted to share.

Your ordering appointment is your opportunity to make decisions. One of the most satisfying steps of the portrait experience is selecting your most cherished images and deciding what you would like to do with them. We will determine which portraits are best paired together and explore options for display in your home, your office, on invitations, and on social media. We also offer exclusive items such as handcrafted heirloom boxes, custom wall art, and matted prints.

The best part - you only order your favorites. Our images start at $35. Some clients spend $350 and some spend $3,500; its totally up to you. It is our goal to present you with gorgeous fine art that embodies our best skills and if you fall in love with them all, we did our job well!

Pattersnap will complete your orders in-house or through trusted photography vendors. Complimentary delivery and installation services are available for wall art.