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Elevate Your Brand

Your brand is more than just a headshot. Your brand is your reputation. Your reputation is the foundation of your career.

And clients and employers are looking!

Developing your personal brand is an excellent way to stand out from others. Your visual identity gives people an idea of who you are and the value you offer. That is why it's essential to showcase you.

With Pattersnap brand portraits, you will be able to boost your connection with your audience. Smart and stylish images will help tell the story of who you are, who you serve professionally, and even more importantly, how you will make them feel when you serve them.

Pattersnap portrait of Bridget Thoreson in matted print in black heirloom box

Heirloom Portraits

Given our personal brand so closely intertwines with our personal lives, Pattersnap also offers portrait sessions for individuals, couples, and families for personal use. We will find your best angles and light you in the most flattering way so your entire party will look and feel fabulous. These sessions are designed for those in search of an elegant, guided portrait experience that results in heirloom portraits that will be cherished in your family for generations.

Pattersnap Portrait Experience

The Personal Collection

Portrait session
Session design consultation
Styling consultation
Interactive prompts & guided posing
Professional retouching
Ordering appointment
(Wall art, heirloom boxes, matted prints, digitals, and commercial releases sold separately)


When you are ready, send us a message so we can begin our journey of creating timeless portraits together.